Looking For a Reliable Shipping Company For Your Business?

Finding a reliable shipping company is a great deal for every business. It is a necessity that greatly influences your business’s success. Therefore, when running an online business, you need to focus on how to get goods delivered to your customers effectively. This you can only achieve with the right shipping company.

We at OZU bring you complete and reliable shipping solutions in India. You can always leverage our effectiveness and reliability to enhance your service quality. We consistently provide you with excellent shipping and logistics solutions in India. The quality of our services remains undefeated!

Who We Are

OZU is a shipping and logistics marketplace in India that seeks to provide everyone with a complete solution to shipping and transportation problems. Our main goal is to make shipping seamless for every individual and business in India.

We help to ship and transport items ranging from cars, RVs, motorcycles, trailers, automobile parts, furniture, appliances, animals, FTL, and LTL, moving apartments and offices. We carry out our services reliably and effectively, leaving our customers nothing to worry about. Also, you get to enjoy the best shipping rates with us.

At OZU, we are all about giving your business a good face. We know that when your customers are pleased, you are also pleased. So, we ensure to tick all the boxes to satisfy you and your customers.

Why Choose OZU?

Choose OZU because no one does it better than us. We offer the most reliable shipping and transportation services around town. We are accountable, credible, and professional at what we do. The following are reasons why you should choose OZU over and over;

We are reliable

If you are looking for a reliable shipping company to pick up and deliver your items in India, you should look no further than OZU. We are a shipping marketplace that is committed to giving the best services to our customers. We have consistently served our customers with reliable shipping services, and we will continue to do so.

We have remarkable tracking services

Shipping with OZU is completely transparent. We allow you to keep track of your shipment from the time it is picked up until it is delivered. You can follow the location and updates on your item to know what’s happening at every point in time. You will be notified at the pickup stage and delivery stages. You can as well check your shipment update at any point.

We offer efficient services

Work with us to experience quality delivery services in the most cost-effective manner. We ensure a high-quality delivery service and support for all our customers. We have built a reputation for fast and efficient services among our existing customers, and we look forward to sharing this with future customers.

Shipment safety is guaranteed

The safety of your item is our priority. We ensure to deliver your shipment in the condition that it was picked. You don’t have to worry about your item getting broken or damaged, we never let that happen.

We do not delay

We understand that people want to get their shipment as quickly as possible, and we do our best to meet these demands and expectations. We do not delay the speed of delivery. We ensure to get your shipment to you as and when agreed.

Considerable rates

OZU offers you the best rates you can find around town. Our pricing is very considerate, and we are sure you will get services worth your money. Contact us today for a quote.

At your convenience

OZU makes it all convenient and seamless for you. We understand that you may have a busy schedule, so our marketplace gives you a convenient solution. Through our mobile application-based platform you could post your shipments from anywhere, your home, office, or warehouse and we make sure your shipments are delivered to designated locations. You don’t have to sweat to get your shipment delivered efficiently.

We are consistent

Consistency is key in every business! Our ability to consistently render quality shipping services to our customer community has helped us keep our existing customers and attract new customers. We are always looking to set up a long term partnership with both new and old customers. We do our best to meet up your expectation every time.

We always find extra truck space

OZU has a reputation for bulk shipping and transporting items. We have enough space to cater to your shipment at every given time. So, when you need to ship your vehicles, furniture, and more, trust OZU to take care of it all. Regardless of how big or large your item is, remember that we always have extra space.

Start Shipping Today!

Have you found a supplier? Have you set up your warehouse? Then you are ready to ship. We are ready to help you meet up with your pick-up and delivery promptly. Take a leap and start shipping now!

You will enjoy the best time working with us!